Jack R. Frost, IV
Rest in Peace
Jack R. Frost IV, often known online as M3DJack or LoCash or corner, has been friend to countless members of online communities like AppleNova and out there in the "real world" in his home towns of Boston, MA and Atlanta, GA (and a few others along the way). He has been a cornerstone of this community, putting his heart and soul into building it from the ground up.
Jack died on Saturday, May 28th, 2005 at the age of 24. Our most heartfelt condolences go out to the Frost family and we wish them the best during this most difficult time. Jack leaves behind a legacy that will certainly live on for years to come.
Jack had a spark of creative genius that shone through all of his projects and will long be remembered. He was outgoing, charming, and an incredible athlete. He had a sharp wit and cynical humor that would leave us laughing to tears. He had a zest and enthusiasm for life that some of us could only dream of.
Jack frequently mentioned wanting to give back to the community and the world at large; he envisioned his talents being used for a greater good. The AppleNova community has organized a collection of over seven hundred US dollars and is placing a donation to The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, an organization that he spoke highly of, in Jack's name. We the AppleNova staff would sincerely like to thank all of you who have contributed.
We love you, Jack. You're truly missed.

Jack R. Frost, IV

what do i know

what do i know about stars
about wind or how the breeze
breaks off and settles down so gently

what do i know that animates
thought or love or both or all
pulse leading to pulse the stillness

what do i know

what do i know about when breath starts
or stops when salt forms as tears what do we know

what do i know
where action advances action
where event follows event
whichever way it goes
what do i know

what do i know about meteors
heavenly bodies earthly wonders
spectral shimmerings the vibrations
so sudden so swift that when it ceases
you remember the reverberation forever

what do i know about forever
that it lasts along time running parallel
that it measures beyond measurement
that it ceases to count or extends memory
and compresses memories at the same time

what do i know about an 18 month old boy
who talked continually until he stopped talking at 24 years
and knew what he was saying to you the whole time
even if you didn't

he slept with candy bars and soda cans
bragged about buying fancy raincoats on ebay
sleep for 18 hours straight
& had his mom's eye for formshapecontent and dad's eye on the gray scale

what do i know about any of this
moments on a string of time
hey digital boy who went analog
our dialogue will live for all time